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Visit Kerala – Kerala Tourism Project.

To overcome the disadvantages of Kerala Tourism,  Government is planning for “ Visit Kerala” from April 15- April 16.

It mainly concentrating on the advertisement programs for the development of Kerala Tourism .

As part of this project, there will be reduction in the rate for the transport and accommodation in Kerala for tourists. Special prizes are also arranging for the tourists coming to Kerala. By combining the private sectors government is planning for special cleaning programs in Tourism areas. To ensure the percipience of all the members in Kerala , Tourism saving schemes are also starting here.

Ayurveda, Responsible Tourism and Spice routes etc are main parts ofVisit Kerala “ project. Kerala is the land of Ayurveda. But presently most advantaged Ayurveda packages are available outside Kerala. As of that, Kerala Ayurveda is in an  avoiding condition in the tourism market.  Through Visit Kerala, special road shows are planning to attract tourists from Europe, China, Sri Lanka, Gulf etc. Kerala food festival is also planning in main cities like Delhi.

To reduce the flight fare to Kerala, Government started special meetings with private flight companies. Jet Airways and Go Air promised to give special concession packages for tourist to Kerala. KTDC is also planning to reduce the cost of  Hotel accommodation in Kerala and offering surprise gifts to the travelers.

As first part of the project, focus for cleaning and toilet facilities with international standards in around 25 tourist centers in Kerala. The first one started at Sankhu Mukham Trivandrum . Best remedy for waste collection and removal is doing. Kerala tourism department ensure the availability of “Suvineer”  in all tourist destinations with the help of Kudubasree units.

Through Visit Kerala – Kerala government is encouraging the home stays and special tourist buses in Kerala. Within these four years the number of hotel rooms increases from 40000 to 75000. Around 1000 new home stays started in Kerala.


Proud of Kerala – Tourism Awards for Gods own country.

House boat packages in kerala
As a Keraalite we are really proud of getting “Best Green Destination award” at India’s best awards for 2013. Kerala is selected as the best Indian state for top tourism and travel related series and award is presented by Travel +Leisure South Asia magazine. Last January Kerala prized with UN World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Ulyses […]
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