Historical Places in Kerala

Historical Places in Kerala

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The striking port city of Kochi or Cochin is a tourist’s paradise. Lush mangroves, coconut tress reflected in the translucent waters of backwaters, ancient churches, cathedrals and fort – tourists on sightseeing tours of Cochin would find all these and more. Flanked by the Western Ghats on the east and the majestic looking Arabian Sea in the west, Kochi occupies a very strategic location and has been a significant trading zone and attractive tourist destination since time immemorial. The tradition and reputation of this enchantingly quaint port city has maintained till date. Here’s a list of popular sightseeing places to be seen on a tour of India.

Tourist Sports in Cochin

Fort Kochi

Even a casual stroll through Fort Kochi located in the port city of Kochi in Kerala is enough to make you feel transported to another world and time. The architectural style of the buildings and the town layout easily make Fort Cochin distinct from other cities and towns of Kerala. Since Fort Cochin was under the possession of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British at different points of time, the region still bear the influence of European architecture.

Bolgatty Palace – Cochin

The splendid Bolghatty Palace is located on the Bolghatty Islands, in the Cochin city of Kerala. The appeal of the palace lies in the fact that it is among the oldest existing palaces built by the Dutch in India, during the pre-British times. More.

Chinese Fishing Nets – Cochin

The Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi, located in the Kochi city of Kerala, make up a very popular tourist attraction. They are fixed land installations, which are used for a very unique and unusual method of fishing. More.

Cochin Backwaters

With coconut trees lining the pellucid lake waters for kilometers at a stretch …the backwaters of Cochin proffer one of the most enchanting sights to tourists. Apart from the numerous ancient monuments, like the Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi and the Mattancherry Palace, built during the pre-British times, the backwaters in Kochi city of Kerala is just another reason why hundreds of tourists flock to this beautiful port city the whole year round. More.

Mattancherry Palace – Cochin

Even though it is austere in its appearance, the Mattancherry Palace of Cochin has a quaint charm of its own. The credit for building this landmark monument partly goes to the Dutch, who captured Cochin city of Kerala during the pre-British period. More.

Marine Drive – Cochin

Marine Drive is a beautiful promenade in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala state of India. The Marine Drive is built facing the backwaters of Kochi. It is a popular hangout for the local populace as well as the tourists.

Jewish Synagogue – Cochin

The Jewish Synagogue in the port city of Kochi is the oldest synagogue in all the Commonwealth of Nations. Thus, it comprises the topmost slot in the itinerary of the tourists visiting the city. More.

Pareekshith Thampuran Museum – Cochin

Pareekshith Thampuran Museum is a very good archeological museum located near the Shiva temple, on the Durbar Hall Road at Ernakulam. This museum boasts of an impressive collection of 19th century paintings, ancient monuments and coins, scriptures made in stone and Plaster of Paris, murals as well as memorabilia belonging to the Cochin royal family. More.

St Francis Church -Cochin

St Francis Xavier’s Church at Fort Kochi was built in the year 1503, by the Portuguese traders. They came here with Admiral Pedro Alvarez de Cabral, via the same route taken by the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, who landed at Calicut in 1498.

Willingdon Island -Cochin

The Willington Island contains the modern port serving Cochin city of Kerala. The island is an artificial man-made island created from the sand dug out while deepening Kochi port. More.

Museum of Kerala History- Cochin

Do not take the Museum of Kerala History in the Cochin city of Kerala as any ordinary museum. The significance of this ‘live’ museum lies in the fact that it recounts the history of the land through magnificent and informative light and sound shows. More..


Trivandrum is the gateway to one of the most beautiful states in India-Kerala. Stretching along the southern coast of country with the backwaters of Arabian sea reaching deep into the verdant countryside, Kerala affords a fascinating experience.

Trivandrum is sprawling over seven hills covered with English government buildings side-by-side local traditional wooden houses in this seaside capital city.True to its composite and cosmopolitan character, the capital city’s attraction’s run from museums, art galleries, temples and zoo’s. With a seven stotreyed Gopuram, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the most famous site of the capital city.

Tourist sports in Trivandrum: –

Sripadmanabhaswamy Temple – Trivandrum

Covering an area of about 2,400 sq. metres, the temple of Sri Padmanabhaswamy is believed to be around 260 years old. The temple with its gopuram (tower) soaring majestically upwards is believed to be one of the 108 shrines sacred to the Vaishnavites in India. The main entrance to the temple is through the eastern gopuram that towers to over 30 metres and is devised in the Dravidian style. The deity of the temple, Padmanabha (an incarnation of Vishnu) reclines on the sacred serpent in the inner sanctum. The main shrine inside the temple is well guarded with a number of massive doors and darshan (audience) can be had through the three-door openings into the sanctum sanctorum.

Napier Museum – Trivandrum

Dating back to 1880, the Napier Museum building is a combination of the Kerala, Mughal, Chinese and Italian architectural styles. The building has a unique natural air-conditioning system. A visit to this museum gives you glimpses of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. The museum has an excellent collection of bronzes, historic ornaments, ivory carvings and chariots, and life-size figures of the Kathakali dancers in full costume.

Sri Chitra Art Gallery – Trivandrum

The Sri Chitra Art Gallery houses paintings from the Mughal, Rajput and Tanjore schools of art. Besides these, the gallery has a rare collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma, Svetoslav and Nicholas Roerich. An Oriental collection consisting of paintings from China, Japan, Tibet and Bali are a visual treat to the visitor.

Zoo at Trivendrum – Trivandrum

The spacious zoological garden is set among the pleasant surroundings of woodlands and lakes. The garden provides delightful shaded walks for the visitors. You can also have a look at the wide variety of the animals and birds that are housed here. The Reptile House has a collection of snakes worth seeing. The nearby botanical gardens have a large number of trees that can be easily identified by their labels.

Observatory – Trivandrum

The Government Observatory is located on a hill opposite the Kanakakunnu Palace. It is an interesting attraction worth a visit. The terrace of this Observatory offers you a fascinating view of the city.

Science and Technology Museum – Trivandrum

Located in the heart of the city, the Science and Technology Museum has interactive displays and scores of other items that highlight the science, technology and electronics. Near the museum lies a planetarium. The planetarium presents a daily 40-minute show that provides a panoramic experience of the universe.

Chacha Nehru Children’s Museum – Trivandrum

The children’s museum, situated at Thycaud, has been named after Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. The museum has a wonderful display of dolls, masks


Kasaragod is a land of Temples, Mosques and Churches. It has a rich cultural heritage and is famous for the art forms of Yakshagana, Bombe-yattu and Theyyam. Traditional art forms of pulikkali, oppana etc adds colour to festivals and celebrations.

Kasaragod was famous from time immemorial and Arab travelers who came to Kerala in 9th and 14th centuries AD had visited Kasaragod. The Bekal fort, which is of great historical and archaeological interest, is the largest and best preserved of its kind in the district.

Kasaragod district was part of South Kanara district of Madras state prior to the States reorganisation on 1st November 1956.. more

The tourist sports in Kasargod


45 KMs east of Kasargod town. Famous for its ancient Siva Temple belonged to have been founded by Arjuna. The place where the Kiratha Yuddham battle between Arjuna and Lord Siva took place according to legend. The adjacent forest not frequented by men is considered the abode of Lord Siva and his divine consort. The stream below the valley is nature bounty.

Anandashramam :situated about five kms. east of the Kanhangad Railway Station, was founded in 1939 by Swami Ramadas, a great Vaishnava saint of modern times. The main asramam and other buildings have a beautiful setting in the midst of shady mango, coconut and other groves. There is a hill to the east of the asramam, to which the devotees retire for quiet meditation and from its west, the surrounding extensive landscape can be seen in its natural grandeur. The spot at the highest point of the hill is so fascinating that the devotees, who go up the hill and sit silently, are blessed with deep peace and tranquility.

The Nityanandasramam :which is situated on the hillock about half a km. south of the Hosdurg taluk office, was founded by Swami Nityananda. The spot was at first part of a forest area. Here Swami Nityananda constructed 45 guhas (caves) in a mountain slope. There is a temple built in 1963, after the style and design of the famous Somanatha Temple in Gujarat. A full size statue of Swami Nityananda in sitting posture made of panchaloha is one of the attractions of the asramam.

Bekal Fort

The largest and best preserved fort in the State. The alluring scene of the sea shore and its exhilarating natural scenery and beauty attracts the visitors. Fast emerging as an International tourist centre.

Bela Church

Our Lady of Sorrows Church – oldest in the district constructed in 1890 AD. 15 KM north of Kasargod. This Gothic style Roman Catholic church which is under the Manglore Diocese, has celebrated its centenary recently and also renovated.

Chandragiri Fort

Chandragiri lies three kms. south of Kasargod town. It has a large square situated high above the Chandragiri river on its southern bank. The fort it said to have been built in the 17th century by Sivappa Nayak of Bednore, who established his authority over the area and built a chain of forts. The Chandragiri river, on the bank of which it rises, marked the traditional boundary between Kerala and the Tuluva Kingdom. There is a beautiful bridge over the Chandragiri river at Thekkil, five miles from Chandragiri. A mosque is situated nearby and the view of the bridge with the mosque in the background is one of the most attractive sights on a drive along the NH 17 from Kannur to Kasargod. A longest railway tunnel in Kerala passes through Chandragiri Hills. A boat club has been recently started here.

Govinda Pai Memorial in Manjeswar

It the native place of M.Govinda Pai (1883-1963), one of the greatest Kannada poets of modern time. He was conferred the title of “Poet Laureate” by the erstwhile Government of Madras. He is known as Rashtra Kavi Govinda Pai.

Hosdrug Fort

The fort with its round bastion looks imposing from a distance. Somashekara Nayak of Ikkeri dynasty built the fort. The place made well known by the Nithyanandasram with 45 caves.


Valiyaparamba 5 KMs south west of Cheruvathur separated from the mainland by back waters. One of the main tourist spots of the District. This is an island in the Arabian Sea. An ideal place for picnic also a fishing centre.

style=”color: #217d31;”>Veeramla Hills

Veeramla Hills Situated at Cheruvathur. Hill top with ruins of a Dutch fort built in the 18th century. A picnic spot from where the natural beauty of Kariangode river and surroundings can be enjoyed.

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